Strong Partners

Wisdom says: associate with quality people, if you esteem your own reputation. This proverb has become one of my guiding professional philosophies. My work exhibits that I associate with exceptionally creative and gifted people. As a freelance graphic artist and website designer, I have the pleasure of collaborating with talented people on a daily basis. I am grateful for their skills and expertise in bringing life to my designs.

Kathleen Courian-Sanchez, Paloma Design Studio: Illustrator
Sasha Timen, A Look Design: Designer
Carissa Moddison: Designer
Jess Nunez, Micromedia Websites: Website Developer
Jared Cruce: Photographer
Sean Bagshaw: Photographer
David Gibb: Photographer
Becky Brown, iWrite: Copywriter
Lorie List, Strategic Communication: Marketing Strategy

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